Top-up Code

CryptoOne Service Validity Recharge Code

CAD 170.00CAD 1,500.00

CryptoOne Top-up code allows you to renew your subscription plan through a prepaid top-up code.

To continue your private communication via the CryptoOne mobile device and SIM card, you may select one of the available CryptoOne top-up subscriptions for different periods that will provide you with:

  • Software subscription – license for the OS and communication suite
  • Mobile data plan subscription – unlimited-worldwide-coverage
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What is CryptoOne top-up code?

The CryptoOne top-up code helps users renew their subscriptions by purchasing a pre-paid top-up code. Using this code, customers can seamlessly reactive the service without our help to continue benefitting from the absolute communication privacy and data security our devices provide them with. By purchasing a top-up code, you don’t receive any other additional items, such as a mobile device or a new SIM card.

How the CryptoOne top-up code works?

When you enter the top-up code on your device, it’ll renew your subscription, starting from your active subscription’s end date, even if you enter the code beforehand. This flow allows you to buy and enter more than one top-up code, ensuring that the subscriptions’ periods will stack.

How to activate the CryptoOne top-up code?

  1. You can purchase a top-up code directly from CryptoCloud’s Online Store.
  2. You will receive your top-up code via your email.
  3. Open Device Settings>My Account>Enter top-up code.
  4. Enter the received top-up code, press continue and enjoy your renewed subscription.
  5. To enter another top-up code, press the back button, and repeat step 4.