Secure Chat 4.7.0 Release notes Improvements / Tasks
SC-11188 Message timestamp should display when the message was created
 All messages are now delivered with a timestamp of when the message was originally created/sent
 On message creation, we get the current time in UTC and send it. On message receiving we convert the timestamp to local time/device time.
 This improvement fixes several bugs related to TTL expiration on delivery when the recipient was offline, and group chat messages being delivered in incorrect order
SC-10803 Allow video capture up to 1 min
 Now the user can capture and share videos up to 1 min
 To increase the limit without compromising video quality, we have increase the file transfer limit
to 100 MB
SC-11069 Add UI on empty P2P chat
 Updated UI of ‘New chat’ screen, including app features info and tips [for P2P chats only]
 It will be displayed every time the chat is empty → on new chat, after clear app data, after clear
SC-10000 Improve ‘Forward’ functionality
 when the user is forwarding a sent/received messages, the current correspondent is excluded from the contact list
 when the user forwards a message, then they are redirected to the chat fragment with the new recipient
SC-11065 Add email to the contacts on ‘Forward’ & ‘Share’ (from Vault)
 improved UI on ‘Forward’ & ‘Share’ screens to include contact emails under their names
SC-11199 Owner is informed on declined invitations (made by participants)
 Message extension is created to inform the owner about the invitation decline, fixing 2 bugs when Declining an invite does not delete the contact as a member from the server and others cannot invite them again and Invitations made by participants are still visible for the Owner of the group after the invitation is declined
SC-11248 [Lunar OS 5.x only] Chat should handle camera restrictions [from device controller]
 When the user has disabled front or back camera from Device Controller app, and they attempt to use it, a message is added to remind them of their device settings
SC-11135 Request app security lock on ‘Reset PIN’ for hidden contacts
 app Security app is requested for authentication when the user navigates to reset their PIN for hidden chats & contacts
SC-11380 Improve ‘Exit app’ screen layout
 Improved UI on ‘Exit’ screen to include icons and updated description