We were able to fix a number of reported issues including:
• Infrequent problems with the creation or deletion of Group Chats
• Rare issues with app crashing on random occasions
• Already read messages appearing as new ones
• Occasionally displaying incorrect TTL and FYEO values
• Missed call notification not working from time to time
and a few more issues you were able to pinpoint for us.

Secure Chat 4.3 will also provide multiple improvements such as
• PTT redesign with the ability to lock and record voice messages, play them in advance, dismiss or send them
• Better visibility on pending and accepted invitations in the Group Chat including Owner visibility for all users
• Anonymity consistency – in the Group Chat & Conference call users will be displayed with the First/Last name
• Group Chats will remain in “Recent chats” after they have been cleared. Moreover, the user has the ability to select what type of data will be cleared
• Group Chat limit is increased to 50 participants

Thanks to partner feedback the following new features were released:
• Streamline Chat: a dedicated Notification Manager to keep you updated on new features, updates and system messages such as app downtime
• TTL value in Group Chat – users who update to 4.3 will be able to set a TTL value in the Group Chat.