Our OS, DATA and CHAT & VAULT come from different systems all together. This means that your device has multiple ways of staying connected and safe. For this reason renewing devices are a bit more complicated then a standard service. The layers of protection we have far surpasses industry standards.

1. If your GLOBAL DATA is not working or you CRYPTO CHAT has stopped please log into your Secure Cloud Billing and see if your account has been suspended. If you are past due the system will automatically suspend your account if you do not renew your license.

2. You must first renew your subscription on the Secure Billing by going to the services — > my services —> Choose your Product in this case CRYPTO LOCK -Tab —> Then choose your email —-> use the small gear on the left —> Management Action (top right side) —— > RENEW and make sure you have both email and sim selected. If you originally had this selected for Quarterly and renewing again for Quarterly then Billing Cycle (Not Change) – Or Choose new Cycle that you want.

3. You should get 2 invoices one for the service and one for the sim.

4. Billing is complete and now you need to update the OS – By the QR code # that is on the device in settings or on the spread sheet that you used to record the number.

5. In the Future you will be able to log into your Copperhead Portal and add time , but for now please use Slack to copy and paste the code from the Active License Management – or not active. Make sure to keep both the QR code and the SIM+CHAT active at the same time.