Crypto LOCK OS – Retail


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  • Shipping will be required if you choose our device
  • Approved hardware list is Pixel 5, 6, 7 (Excluding Pro)
  • Sim Card comes with incoming Text to set up Signal and Telegram on Zone A – North America and Europe (HERE)
  • Comes with our Crypto Chat and Vault + Crypto Store
  • Please contact us if you would like to purchase multiple devices or start up a corporate account.

If you want to renew your license for Lock please provide your Chat Email Username

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Top 10 features:

  • Known and unknown exploit protection
  • Tamper-resistant physical protection
  • Completely locked down with no ability to use browser, make calls or download any applications other than use of our CryptoStore
  • Distress password — set to wipe on entry
  • Auto-timeout wipe — wipes device when device is idle
  • Brute-force protection wipe — wipes device when number of incorrect entries entered
  • Application sandboxing
  • Contacts and Storage isolation
  • Lockdown policy
  • Rebrand OS customization available contact our support

Additional information

Crypto LOCK

3 Months OS + Updates + chat + Vault + Zone A (NA + EU) 2GB, 6 Months OS + Updates + chat + Vault + Zone A (NA + EU) 2GB

Global Data Tier1

2 GB ZONE A, I have my own Sim

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