Q. What are the lists compatible Pixel devices with CopperheadOS ?
Answer: SUPPORTED PIXEL DEVICES: 4A, 4A5G,, 5, 5A, 6, 6A, and 7 please check. for more info visit https://copperhead.co/android/

Q. Can I install CopperheadOS on any device ?
Answer : No you can only install our OS on Pixel Devices.

Q. Do I need to flash my phone or will it come flashed already?
Answer: We can ship you a phone flashed (WORK and LOCK) or you can use our online flasher to install our OS (LITE)

Q. What is the difference between LITE , LOCK and WORK?
Answer: https://store.cryptocloud.mobi/product-comparison

Q. How secure is Copperhead OS ?
Answer: Copperhead OS is a DeGoogled, Hardened and very secure Device. No information will be sent to 3rd parties

Q. Do the phones come with Sim cards?
Answer: You can choose to use your own sim (LITE) , select on of our data only sim cards (LOCK) and with our work devices you can select EFANI as an option for (WORK)

Q. How can I become a reseller?
Answer: Please go to this link for details: https://cryptocloud.mobi/partner

Q. How can I sign up for a corporate account ?
Answer: You can contact us anytime to setup a corporate account with multiple devices and an account manager.