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RE: Secure Manager Billing : Managing your Tier 3 sim cards and applying Top ups, Viewing Data usages and expiry dates. 

When you order a bundle, you will first get a 0$ invoice for the sim card.
Then you will get a (Top up credit)
1. Navigate to Services – SimCard management and you will see a page like below. There you can add the sim card you want to TOP UP , or you can drop down menu and see all of your active sim cards.

2. Once you have the sim card you want you can scroll to the left and see 2 green boxes. APPLY and LIST (Sim must be active as per your order)
Click APPLY if you are doing a new Sim (you will also see all the packages you have purchased) Please select one of them to apply , and if you have additional Top ups, next time use them instead of buying a new one. The Sim and the Email have no relationship to the device. All are separate activations.

3. Checking Data : If you are looking to find out if the sim card is active or has data remaining , or when the sim expires click on “LIST” and you will see the packages that were added and what data remains. See below. ie) 3000 MB = 3 GB

We hope this helps and before contacting support please log into your portal and check your sim cards before contacting us.


Thank you

Team Crypto Cloud