Please log into your

We have created a video for you in activating your device.

  1. Log in and go to Shop , Select your device (LOCK, LITE, WORK) in the tab
  2. Select your time with or without sim (Quarterly, Semi Annually , Annually) create email and password.
  3. Once you check out log into your OS portal to obtain your QR Code here :
  4. Make sure to use a spread sheet and keep your QR code and your email. (you will need to keep your code for adding more time (Re-newals or Re-enrolment)
  5. If needed flash your device using our OS flasher here:
  6. Add your Sim card if needed
  7. Make sure you are connected to WIFI and enrol the device using the QR code , and make sure your device is updated.
  8. Always use a 6-8 Code Pin on your device and on applications.
  9. To log into Crypto Chat – use the password you created on the Secure Cloud Billing – You will then be asked to create a pin.
  10. Check for updates – Go to Settings —-> System —–> System updated settings —-> Check for updates. You should be on the latest version here.
  11. Turn off WIFI and check Sim card to make sure data works – Then hand to customer.